IGDA X Chapter Meeting

Last week the alsoran gave his first public speaking presentation outside of his weekly team meeting, which is a precursor to a planned GDC talk once his current project is complete. Due to confidentiality and the proprietary nature of several of the systems overviewed, the presentation remained fairly high level, only touching on technical issues in the Q&A session that followed.

Perhaps the biggest thing to take home from the event was a re-affirmation of the belief that sharing knowledge is one of the strongest avenues with which to further the industry as a whole. The second most important insight was that there is a real camaraderie between developers of different studios, while still remaining competetive enough to push harder for their own projects – something that continues to push innovation.

Retro-active knowledge sharing (in post-mortems etc.) should allow us to avoid making the same mistakes over and over while game development still persues the establishment of its internal language, but for now any release to share techniques is greatly appreciated.

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