Foul-mouthed Fox

Upon breaking his micro following too many drops, the alsoran finally bowed to peer pressure last month and picked up a DS Lite during his trip to LA, and regrets not having done so before. His growing collection includes Metroid Prime Hunters, New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Kart and the most recent addition, Starfox Command. Much like the Wii before it, it initially appeared the touch screen was a gimmick at best, with both 1st-party Mario games requiring no input from the bottom screen at all despite being fantastic games in their own right. However, Metroid and Starfox use the stylus to perfectly simulate mouse-look, and once again (like the Wii) provides a new face to old technology.


The single most impressive feature of this console though, and the one the makes the alsoran confident he has invested in a winner, is the importance placed on multiplayer gaming. Up to 6-Player matches of Starfox are possible via only one cart, which not only allows for great fun to be had with the multitude of colleagues that are DS owners and may not have the latest releases, but also provides an opportunity for the non-owners to try a limited version of the game in a seductive situation (exciting multiplayer) that almost unfailingly convinces them to make the full purchase.

At the time of writing, the Japanese top 10 is dominated by DS releases, and though he is lothe to agree with the eastern market, they sure know when gaming is fun again and not about flashy graphics.

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