Braid: Animation Sprite Sheets

I’m playing through Braid again after the initial realisation that years of hand-holding in 3D have softened my platforming and puzzle-solving skills, and took a trip over to the portfolio site of David Hellman, artist behind the beautiful painterly worlds. While the painterly style is the defining feature, the animation does fit the unsettling Czechoslovakian fairytale stop-motion aesthetic perfectly, (especially the  expressionless goombas that wander the levels – creatures that could have been lifted right out of my childhood nightmares).

Beyond examples of animated gifs like the one included here, you can download Photoshop PSDs of all the character animations in the game from this handy location. Certainly worth a look to get an idea of the animation process behind this wonderfully infuriating little game.

2 thoughts on “Braid: Animation Sprite Sheets”

  1. Wow, I love the art in this game. I played the demo, very creative and fun. It’s cool to see a game done in 2d and done so well.

    Dennis Moellers
    Lead Animator
    Firaxis Games

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