Assassin’s Creed III Demo Reel

2013 – Assassin’s Creed III

Nowadays I don’t do as much finished animation as pre-visualisation for new gameplay features and general visual direction. I did, however, reserve the ground movement cycles of all three player characters for myself, including the Assassin at the various stages of his life. This reel also showcases sequences from our original pitch movie done at the start of the project which are now in the public domain.

VGAs Connor Speech

2012 – Assassin’s Creed III

Video I created for the Spike VGA’s “character of the year” acceptance speech. Not counting the mocap shoot, it was only a few days work with a little help from those on the cinematics team, (the fight portion is a modified combination of two of our ingame double-counter-kills), but I never made any cutscenes for AC3 and wanted to familiarise myself with the entire workflow.

Mass Effect 2 Cinematics

2011 – Mass Effect 2

An edit of shots from my cutscenes in Mass Effect 2. Find a complete shot breakdown here. Re-hired to start the new studio in Montreal, As the first employee I was charged with leading a team to deliver cutscenes for Mass Effect 2 with direction from Edmonton. Beyond creation of several key scenes myself, I maintained lines of communication, streamlined workflows, and established a culture of excellence at work.

Mass Effect: Team Assault

2010 – Mass Effect 3

Revealed in the Mass Effect 3 Final Hours iPad app, here is early footage I captured, (you can see my login name appear as I take the base), of the Battlefield-esque multiplayer prototype we made at BioWare Montreal following the completion of Mass Effect 2. Basically a total conversion of Unreal Tournament, I integrated every character, (we later had several races), weapon and vehicle into the Unreal 3 engine, including rigging, skinning & animating, setting up shaders and scripting the vehicle-handling and cameras.

Deus Ex 3: Pre-vis

2008 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Series of pre-vis videos I created for the greenlight pitch of Deus Ex 3 , (later subitled Human Revolution), while working at Eidos Montreal. Very rough as it just had to sell the ideas. I animated everything except for Lara Croft. This is how I rough out most ideas to sell them to the team – in a grey-box room with cameras and rough characters and animation.

2007 Animation Reel

2007 – Mass Effect, Jade Empire, NARC

A collection of ingame and cinematic animation from several games. Joining Mass Effect at pre-production, I established workflows and visual direction for all ingame animation, directed and cleaned mocap, designed systems to handle player and NPC movement, as well as designing the visual direction for cameras and acting in conversations.

2004 Animation Reel

2004 – NARC, Tom & Jerry

Demoreel I created in early 2004 with the specific aim of landing a job in Canada. Features animation from my two games up to that point, Tom & Jerry – War of The Whiskers and NARC, plus a dialogue piece at the start.