Virtual Design

I’ve bought the game twice already, and I’m gonna do it again. Hot on the heels of the Streetfighter 2 HD remix, the recently announced Rez HD makes its way to the top of my list of most anticipated games.

Now for the acronyms. I’m currently playing PQ2 on the PSP, a sequel to a PS1 game (named IQ in the UK), and I’m finding the abstract VR-like graphics to be incredibly appealing, greatly lending themselves to the videogame medium without a hint of 80’s cyberpunk cheese.

Below is a video showing an in-development Rez, then called K-Project. I can’t imagine getting a project like this green-lit nowadays, even by the most risk-taking publisher.

Just when are we going to witness the public backlash against the current preoccupation with photo-reality? I know it would make my job much easier without the Uncanny Valley shadow hanging over us, and give much more creative freedom to talented artists the world over.