GDC And iAnimate Podcast

A month from today I’ll be participating in the first ever Animation Bootcamp at GDC, a tutorial session all day Monday ahead of the full conference. This should be an unmissable day for any game animators attending as it will feature talks from several animators in the game and film industry, and I’ll be giving a video-heavy presentation of behind-the-scenes process and technology on how we created the movement for Connor, entitled “Animating The Third Assassin”.

In related news, here is a podcast I recorded with the guys over at online animation school iAnimate that discusses the animation on Assassin’s Creed III and the upcoming GDC talk. Their school has come up on my radar in the past not only because they have dedicated courses for teaching game animation, but also have many instructors from the game industry; not to mention an impressive set of game-like rigs to work with. Check out their latest game reel below.