Final Fantasy XV Animator Talks Animating Prompto

Taken from the official Final Fantasy site:

“Hello! Toyama-san from the animation team here! I really like to get into character when I work on #FFXV and today, I would like to show you briefly how we create animations for Prompto.”

“This is how we animate Prompto!

Step 1: Starting off with animation! Using motion capture, we film our own movements. We normally put on special mo-cap suits but I felt like using the combat suit today (which is extremely heavy…)
Step 2: Next step is editing where we “polish” the recorded data (“polish” = to tweak and elaborate, it’s a process of perfecting the animations). This is when we adjust the poses and movements, adding finger animations, etc. – we are very detail oriented!
Step 3: Finally we implement the animations in the game. We check how the character movements flow in-game together with the clothes which are controlled via cloth simulator. Aside from animations, we also need to check a variety of things such as SFX and VFX.”

“So, that is how we create animations (see previous posts). Who thought animators need to be in shape and athletic? Well, athletic or not, we will continue to do our best! I’ve got to get back to work but I hope to see you again!” – Toyama-san (FFXV Animator)