Uncharted 4 Demo Reel

I pre-vised, prototyped, mocap-directed and assembled over 120 interactive cinematic sequences for Uncharted 4. Every day was a new challenge with no systemic solution – at Naughty Dog every encounter is uniquely scripted. All scenes were iterated on heavily with design to ensure as cinematically appealing as possible an experience while keeping a degree of control in the player’s hands, animating anything from humans and animals to vehicles, environments, simulated destruction and more. [SPOILERS: Contains story elements from Uncharted 4.]


Music track: Satisfy by Nero

00:02 Sully Reveal Cutscene: Body mocap cleanup and facial keyframe/mocap.

00:18 Madagascar Volcano Winch Slide: Previs, prototyping, cameras, mocap direction/cleanup, keyframe, facial and simulation animation.

00:26 City Bike Chase: Previs, prototyping, cameras, gameplay aiming animations, all truck and destructible keyframe and non-realtime simulations. (Bike, rider and final camera by Tal Peleg).

00:49 Madagascar Volcano Death Slide: Previs, prototyping, camera, mocap direction.cleanup, object animation and simulation.

00:53 Cave Ledge Break: Prototyping, camera, keyframe and simulation animation.

00:57 River Bridge Collapse: Previs, prototyping, keyframe and simulation animation, mocap direction.

01:04 Cave Ship Swim Out: Previs, keyframe and simulation animations (except ropes and sails).

01:20 E3 Chase Previs: All previs level layout, character keyframe and test object creation and animation. (Final animation in boxout by lee Davis, Ricardo Flores, Chris Ilvento, James Martinchek and Jeremy Yates).

02:02 Multiplayer Prop Taunts: Mocap direction/cleanup and prop keyframe animation, (directed the majority of multiplayer prop taunts).

02:18 Crash Bandicoot Previs: Rigged and animated Crash. (Final animation converted from original maya files by Damon Shelton).