Game Anim: A Complete Guide To Video Game Animation

I’m very excited to announce I’ve signed a contract with CRC Press to write a book, (hopefully the book), on video game animation. The textbook, tentatively titled Game Anim: A Complete Guide To Video Game Animation, will cover general principles, battle-tested best working practices and my philosophies on what to focus on when aiming for the best quality possible regardless of project scale.

Based on nearly two decades of experience across a variety of titles, the text will provide working tutorials for hands-on mastery of examples given in the book with a view to supporting popular packages like Maya, (free for schools), and free engines like Unreal and Unity in order to be as accessible as possible.

This project has been underway for well over a year now and aims to target the undergraduate level, though should provide invaluable insight to independent developers as well as seasoned game animators looking to learn hints, tips and tricks that have helped me throughout my career so far. The current timeline sets it to release early 2019.