AZRI Rig v1.1 Release

Announcing the release of the latest version of the free AZRI Rig, now downloaded over 20,000 times! This update brings a host of fixes and improvements with a view to making it easy to work with Epic’s Unreal Engine. To this end, a new tutorial has been added to cover the steps required to export AZRI to Unreal here.

AZRI v1.1 Fixes

Fixed a duplicate-named joint preventing exporting to Unreal.
Correctly set up the collision control (red arrow) to enable “root motion”.
Removed FK hand influence entirely when in IK mode.
Matched thumb end joint axes to the rest of the fingers.
Removed unused IK/FK switch on Spine 1.
Added option to turn off skirt auto-follow joints on root control (red circle).
Fixed minor skinning issues on the gloves.