Super Mario Odyssey: Cutscene Storyboards

The official art book The Art of Super Mario Odyssey primarily contains concept art but also has a variety of cutscene storyboards, which have been reproduced here. Super Mario Odyssey was quite exceptional for Nintendo as the first mainline game in the Mario series to make a real attempt at a storyline, and these storyboards give us insight into the storytelling process at Nintendo.

Storyboards are read vertically with the exception of “Ride The Lightning”.

Opening Scene

Hero Awakens

First Meeting

First Capture

Ride The Lightning

Warp Hole

Boss Battle Victory

Power Moon

Battle Start (1)

Unexpected Encounter

Fall From Grace


Boss Victory

Lava Battle

Battle Start (2)

Crash Wedding

Bowser Draft

Story Ends


And as a final bonus, there are some cap throw pose explorations as well as Pauline choreography and facial poses for the fantastic musical number. Definitely check out the book for more great artwork.