Hogwarts Legacy – Animation Production Deep Dive

UPDATE 8th Feb, 2023: I generally believe in separating the art from the artist because you’ll be otherwise hard-pushed to find any creative work made by teams or individuals completely free of regressive beliefs or bad work practices, but for this game I take exception due to the harmful views of original Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

On returning to the UK from the US it became immediately, (and excruciatingly) apparent to me this country is more widely accepting of bigotry in mainstream press. That is likely in no small part due to her widely platformed attacks on the already-marginalised Trans group, with supporters of her brand of non-intersectional feminism often aligning with the hard-right.

Ultimately one can only feel pity for the developers that sank their hearts and souls into what looks to be a fun and technically impressive game only to have their work tarnished by forces beyond their control, but even more-so sadness and frustration for the ongoing targets of Rowling and her followers.

ORIGINAL POST: This deep-dive, unprecedented for a yet-to-be-released game, highlights how the Hogwarts Legacy characters, animations, and cinematics were created and refined using Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder and brought to life in Unreal Engine.