Software & Tools

This page collates animation digital content creation (DCC) software used in the creation of video games. Only software with animation functionality is included.

Note: GAME ANIM is not affiliated with any of the software listed.

3D Animation Software

Below are the most commonly-used 3D animation software by professionals and hobbyists alike, as well as recommended tools to aid animation creation.

MayaM WFree*3D modeling, animation, and rendering software
3DS MaxM WFree*3D modeling, animation, and rendering software
BlenderM WFreeOpen-source 3D creation
Studio LibraryM WFreeManage poses and animation in Maya
AnimbotM W$$Powerful toolset for Maya Animators
Maya ARTM WFreeComplete skeletal creation for Maya
*Free for educational purposes only

2D Animation Software

2D animation software for games is generally less expensive than 3D. Many professional 2d & pixel art games art made with these DCCs.

AsepriteM W$Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool
Pro MotionW$$Professional pixel animation
Pyxel EditM W$Tilesets, levels and animations
Adobe PhotoshopM* W$$$Widely-used all round 2D art & animation
Clip Studio PaintM W$$$Drawing-focused art & animation
PiskelWebFreeAccessible online-only pixel editor
GraphicsGaleWFreeEasy to use graphics & animation software
GrafX2M WFreeRetro-style 2D pixel art and animation
KritaM WFreeOpen source 2D art & animation
SpineM W$$$Modular animation for games
SpriterM W$$Animation for 2D games
HexelsM W$$Grid-based 2D art & animation
ProcreateiPad$Fully-featured mobile art & animation
Adobe AnimateM W$$$Interactive animation for games
Pixel StudioM* WFreeLight-weight pixel editor
PixakiiPad$$Pixel art app for iPad
*Also available for iOS and iPadOS

Game Engines

With the exception of Unity and Unreal, the below engines specialise in 2D development without all the bloat of a multi-purpose engine so are a simpler entry point.

UnrealM WFreeFully-functioning 2D/3D game engine
UnityM WFreeFully-functioning 2D/3D game engine
Game MakerM W$$Versatile 2D-only engine
RPG MakerM W$$RPG-specific game engine
GodotM WFreeFree entry-level 2D/3D engine
ConstructWeb$$Online-only game editor
BuildboxM W$$$No-code game creation
Pico-8M W$Minimalist virtual console & editor
GB StudioM WFreeGameboy-like 2D game engine

Game Content Creation Tools

Various content creation tools useful for smaller indie titles

Texture PackerM W$Sprite-sheet optimiser
Free Texture PackerM WFreeFree sprite-sheet optimiser
Level Design ToolkitM WFreeFree 2D level editor
OGMO EditorM WFreeFree 2D Level Editor
BlockbenchM WFreeA low-poly 3D model editor
Crocodile 3DM W$A tile-based 3d modeling editor