The Five Fundamentals Of Video Game Animation

Animator and Youtuber Dan Root (@Rootayable) has uploaded the final video in his series looking at the Five Fundamentals of Video Game Animation proposed in GAME ANIM: Video Game Animation Explained and they are supremely well done, from a solid understanding of the concepts to Dan’s soothing ASMR-like voiceover. Be sure to follow Dan’s Youtube channel, Video Game Animation Study, for more insights on video game animation here.


First up, and a great place to begin, is a primer on the series explaining why there is a need for a new set of fundamental concepts for the newer medium of video game animation to compliment the classic 12 Principles of Animation.


Comprises the sub-concepts of Response, Inertia & Momentum, and Visual Feedback.


Covering the sub-concepts of Blending & Transitions, Seamless Cycles and Settling.


Focusing on the sub-concepts of Posing for Game Cameras, Silhouettes, and Collision & Center of Mass/Balance.


Covering the sub-concepts of Distinction vs Homogeneity, Repetition, and Onscreen Placement.


Looking at the sub-concepts of Simplicity of Design, Bang for the Buck, and Sharing & Standardization.