GAME ANIM – 2nd Edition Out Now!

Today sees the release of the 2nd edition of my book GAME ANIM: Video Game Animation Explained. At over 70 new pages the book is now overall 30% larger, with a brand new chapter on 2D and Pixel Art Animation, a new section on Motion Matching, new animator interviews and more…

Check out the launch trailer below and find more info on the book (and don’t forget to download the free AZRI Rig update with new dual-scythe weapon) here.

The primary goal of writing the original book was to bring video game animators up to speed with my 20 years of experience in all areas of game animation as the medium has relatively recently become accessible for all with a computer, and the focus on 2D and pixel art in this follow-up continues that trajectory.

Unlike 3D animation’s need for a powerful machine, 2D and pixel art can be created on something as low-spec as a phone or tablet, with many pro-level creation softwares and engines being either free or low cost (go here for an updated list). This makes the barrier for entry even lower than 3D games, and has given us some of the best and most thoughtful indie games of recent years.

I myself began animating at home with pixel art in the 90s, and ultimately believe that the best video games are made when teams come together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences – so getting everyone a seat the table will only further push the medium.