“iPress” Theme For WordPress

When I’m not making games, my hobby is graphic design, specifically web content. I’ve been able to fold this back into game development by creating web-based asset-tracking and communication tools that have helped both the Edmonton and Montreal teams throughout development of Mass Effect 2, and here’s a little something I can share.

iPress is my first full CSS conversion theme for the blogging platform WordPress (I used to start with someone else’s and work from there), which began life as an iTunes-based asset-management tool for our thousands of mocap files, but with our own internal tool’s creation it later became simply an exercise in copying the layout of Apple’s music program as accurately as possible.

What you have here though is a CMS (Content Management System) visually replicating iTunes 9, with helpful archive pages following the same sortable list format that makes is so easy to quickly navigate hundreds of mp3 files. If you’re a fellow WordPress user, head on over to the download page and give it a try.