E3 Demo & Animation Tech

E3 2015 was easily the slickest and most consistent in quality of all I’ve attended. So many great games from large and small developers around the world on all platforms, and most of all I finally got to see The Last Guardian in the flesh, (or feathers). We were lucky enough to close out the Sony conference with the first part of our E3 demo chase sequence, the full video of which was released this week:

I was far more involved in this demo than the last, pre-visualising much of the action from the bridge onwards among other things, ultimately focusing on the ‘bull in a china shop’ truck chase finale with the help of the ridiculously talented Tal Peleg animating the bike and the savants of design, modelling and programming bringing it all together. This team and pipeline are so suited to collaboration and rapid iteration it’s unreal.

Here’s a taste of some of our animation & character tools by Hans Godard at a recent Gnomon School presentation. It simply isn’t possible to create large games nowadays without such awesome tools, tech & teammates!