Animation Exchange 2017

For those unable to attend GDC’s animation bootcamp, on Tuesday that week there was a whole day of game animation presentations, panels and interviews put together by a collaboration between Twitch and the dedicated team behind AnimState. It comes in at 8.5 hrs so you’ll need to set aside some time for it, but the full schedule is below and well worth it. Special congratulations to Mike Jungbluth (@lightbombmike) for putting the whole thing together.

View the full video here.

Time Type Title
00:02:53 Panel Live Q&A
00:33:08 Interview Jeremy Yates (Naughty Dog)
00:41:42 Presentation What Schools Aren’t Teaching You
01:12:40 Interview Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda (Dames Making Games)
01:19:17 Presentation World to the West Animation Process
01:53:19 Interview Young Vo (Sparky Pants)
02:09:17 Panel Animation Flashback: Spider-Man 2
02:37:07 Interview Almudena Soria (Naughty Dog)
02:47:10 Presentation An Intro to Animation in Unreal Engine 4
03:32:29 Interview Matthew Russell (Amazon)
03:40:09 Presentation Animation Flashback: Assassin’s Creed Combat
04:13:41 Interview Jake Clark (Studio MDHR)
04:26:00 Panel MOBA Animation: LoL, HotS, Paragon
05:21:40 Interview Jeremy Collins (Blizzard)
05:30:49 Presentation Back to Basics: 2D Animation for Games
06:00:13 Interview Steven Dickinson (The Coalition)
06:06:20 Panel Animation Programming in 2017
06:53:06 Interview Zach Lowery (Boss Key)
07:02:56 Presentation Interactive Cinematic Sequences in Uncharted 4
07:30:56 Interview David Gibson (Blizzard)
07:41:10 Panel Fine, god-dammit! We’ll review it live!