Presentations on game animation

Cuphead: Creating Djimmi The Great

Studio MDHR's Jake Clark takes us through his process of designing and animating the Genie boss character from Cuphead.

Physics Animation In Uncharted 4

My colleague Michal Mach (@gameplayAnim) shows off the physics overlaid on gameplay animation in Uncharted 4.

Creating 2D Characters In A 3D World

"One-woman animation team" Tessa Monash (@tessamonash) walks through her workflow for The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti, showing how she approaches modellin...

The Language Of Silhouettes

Blizzard senior animator Ian Lang discusses the use of posing and silhouettes to convey a clear animation message to the player.

Building An Unreal Engine Cinematic

Sjoerd de Jong (@Hourences) of Epic Games uses Unreal Engine's cinematic tool Sequencer to build a cinematic experience, live and from scratch, with two Robo Re...

The Locomotion Of Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac Games' Elliot Grossman (@ElliotSGrossman) takes a look at the many unexpected discoveries made while searching for Sunset Overdrive's animation style,...