Presentations on game animation

2019 Animation Tricks Of The Trade

In this 2019 GDC talk, animators Jake Clark (@JakeClarkDude), Sophie Evans (@SophillaE), Raul Ibarra (@croa_san), Sylvia Chong (@SylvChong), Zack Wolfe (@zac...

The 2019 GDC Animation Microtalks

In this 2019 microtalk session, speakers Lana Bachynski (@Latienie), Yussef Cole (@youmeyou), Ryan Duffin (@AnimationMerc), Gwen Frey (@direGoldfish), Mike Jun...

Bringing Orphea To Heroes Of The Storm

In this 2019 GDC session, Blizzard's Lana Bachynski (@Latienie) covers the art and animation process from first concept to final implementation through the len...

Cuphead: Creating Djimmi The Great

Studio MDHR's Jake Clark takes us through his process of designing and animating the Genie boss character from Cuphead.

Physics Animation In Uncharted 4

My colleague Michal Mach (@gameplayAnim) shows off the physics overlaid on gameplay animation in Uncharted 4.