Animation For Video Game Cinematics

Former Square Enix and Capcom (now Kojima Productions) cinematic artist and lead facial animator Delphine Zombo gives tips and tricks to make cinematics shine.

From the presentation description:

Cinematics are usually why players keeps playing a game. Even if the story is unclear, if we can get closer to the main character or NPCs by watching nice cinematics, players will love and play this game. Cinematics have more and more quality, realistic animation needs to be pushed as much as possible to serve the scenario.

It can be difficult as an animator to respond to those high expectations but sometimes, adding a tiny realistic motion like a quick micro expression, can bring your basic motion to a next level. More than getting a high animation skills level, searching references and try to understand how things works (a car, a facial expression or why bird’s head move so fast) is how you get the best motion.