Eidos Academy Of Experts

Nearly two months off work after having moved to Montreal at the end of April, I finally started work at Eidos last week. Unlike every other first day I’ve ever had, this time I had to pack a suitcase as myself and the others were whisked off to the elegant Chateau Vaudreuil just outside Montreal to attend a week-long seminar with the bold name of Eidos’ “Academy of Experts” – something of a mini-GDC for companies either wholly or partially owned by Eidos.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Animation & Physics track alongside others from the phoenix-like Tomb Raider team at Crystal Dynamics, members of Danish IO Interactive’s Kane & Lynch and Hitman series, as well as the up-and-coming Urban Chaos animation team from fellow Brits Rocksteady Ltd, (hopefully named after Bebop’s sidecick) among others.

Aside from being something of a baptism of fire, it was great to feel that I am not just part of an exciting start-up, (we are currently only 7-strong on the team), but am involved in a much larger community of talented individuals that have created some of the most celebrated games series out right now. I can’t wait to begin dabbling with the shared tech and ideas and see what I can come up with next.