Game animation primers


Basics: Look-At System

Recently, my DS charger has gone missing and I've resorted to playing MJ's PSP. I've always been turned off by their size and reported lack of quality original ...

Basics: IK and Weight

The alsoran cautiously picked this up due to the series-damaging sequel, produced by the (apparently inexperienced) Ubisoft Shanghai studio. However, this lates...

Basics: Mario 64 Case Study

Back in the days when sprites were moved around the screen in a linear fashion, with pixel-perfect accuracy often required to overcome single-screen levels and ...
Basics: Animation Blending

Basics: Animation Blending

In the past, animations on videogame characters have played sequentially. When one ends, another begins, regardless of whether the action is fire-and-forget or ...

Basics: Flashback Case Study

Developed by the late French developer Delphine Software, this spiritual successor (not a sequel) to their 1991 hit Out of This World (Another World in PAL terr...

Basics: Fast vs Slow

Traditionally, videogames have three character archetypes around which all modern character selections are based. Slow but strong, fast but weak, and an average...